Program used to create comics

There are so many great comics these days. How on earth are these comics made?

There are a variety of programs used to create comics, and they may vary depending on the author’s tastes and working style. However, below we will list some of the main programs commonly used in comics creation.

Clip Studio Paint

This program is very popular among comics artists and is used for drawing and coloring. It offers many tools and features to help you create comics in many different styles.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is widely used for drawing and editing images, and many comics artists use it for digital drawing and coloring.

Adobe Illustrator

This vector-based graphic design program is useful for comic book artists for character design and illustration. 툰코

Paint Tool SAI

This program is used for drawing and coloring pictures. Its intuitive user interface and stability make it popular among some comic artists.


A tool that can be used to create storyboards and panel layouts for comics. You can plan your story flow and express it visually.

Tonkatone (ToneStudio)

Tonkatone, used to add gray tones in comics, can give shadows and lighting effects to drawings.

Comic Studio EX

Created in Japan, this program is a dedicated solution for manga artists that can handle story writing, drawing, coloring, page layout, and more.


Procreate is a digital drawing app for iPad that lets you draw and color with pencil and brush.

MediBang Paint

This freely available program is for digital drawing and cartooning, and its cloud functionality lets you share your work across multiple devices.


Free, open source graphics software that provides powerful tools and features for drawing and digital painting.

Which of the mentioned programs to choose may depend on the writer’s preferences and workflow. Some writers work with a combination of programs, each of which may be better suited to a particular stage or style of work.

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