Is torrenting dangerous? Know your risks

It is known that using torrents is dangerous. Why?

Content copyright violation

This may be one of the biggest problems. It’s a copyright issue.

Many people just conveniently download and use the program illegally.

This kind of behavior can cause great danger later on.

virus malware

If you use torrents incorrectly, hacking programs can be installed on your computer.

I think this is installed without my knowledge, but usually it is installed after the user accepts it.

But you won’t remember the process.

If you download and run it carelessly, you will be exposed to viruses.

Personal information leak

If you download through torrent, your IP information may be leaked.

If a problem arises later, they will track my IP and come to catch me. 토렌트

fake file

This is also one of the big problems.

I searched and downloaded the file I wanted, but when I ran it, it was the wrong file.

In this case, you are mainly exposed to viruses or hacking.

So, you should download it from a trustworthy site.

Download speed issues

Downloading multiple files from a torrent can cause bandwidth issues and make the network unstable.

In a space where several people use the Internet, damage may be caused to several people.

These problems need to be well recognized and managed.

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